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it's taken a while for this to happen, but the new deseo website has finally gone live!  there's been quite a lot of new work that has been posted, so if you're interested in seeing more of my work, have a visit.  in the mean time, i'm continuing to create new work and will do a better job at keeping the work that's being posted, more current.

hope you enjoy it. peace!

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i want to say thanks to anyone that has visited this page and taken the time to look at and appreciate the work.  thank you for your comments and support :)

i do have new work that i'll be posting, soon as my home site is updated.  hope you stop by again to visit!

deseo :)
i created this account a while back but had just had not used.  i want to get on this more frequently to show my work.  people are uploading work so fast there's really no time to have new work that posted actually get looked at!  if you can refer your friends and have them check out the page, that would be help yo!
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